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Monday, July 05, 2004

I'm back bloggers!

I'm back from vacation and feeling relaxed. Only, I still feel that depressed feeling that I have to go back to work tomorrow. Exactly how can you stop that short of being independently wealthy? That should be my goal. ;-)

The vacation was great. No major problems. Everything was just as it should be. First day, easy drive to San Marcos. Stopped and did some shopping and got the kids some clothes along with a few things for the wife and me. It rained VERY hard while we were there but let up long enough to get to the car without getting drenched. We went on to San Antonio and checked in the hotel. We took the kids down to the riverwalk and caught a water taxi. Dinner on the riverwalk at Casa Ole. We thought maybe Kelly would try a 60oz margarita but it was like $30. She opted for the 20oz as did I. Back to the hotel and bed by 10pm.

Day two landed us at Sea World. The kids had a great time. And, they were troopers. We were there for 7.5 hours and they were great the whole time. We saw the ski show, the dolphin show, Shamu (of course) and the penguin exhibit. We also let Kaitlyn play in the water park but Carson didn't want to. He's pretty timid with rides and new places. I think he gets that from Kelly. But, just like her, once he feels comfortable, he's like 150% into it. Next, back to the riverwalk and dinner. Then to bed by 10pm but I stayed up and watched a movie (Unforgiven btw, excellent flick, a true classic).

Day three and we're off to Galveston. We get there and Eric and gang are already there. Scott and crew show up just about 2 hours later. We all head to the beach immediately. Carson just was crazy about the water. He loved being in the waves and jumping them. He got some water in his mouth and choked a few times but he was still having a great time. Kaitlyn liked it some but preferred the sand. She hated the taste of saltwater. You'd think it was the worst thing every the way she acted. But she loved playing in the sand. Come to think of it, she likes it here too in the backyard. Off to dinner at Casey's seafood. Good food. Strange deal with the beer. You could only have one pitcher on the table at a time and after 2 the mgr had to come over and talk to you. Everyone was laughing at me because I was annoyed and wanted to speak to the mgr but everyone talked me out of it. Back to the room and the kids to sleep. The rest of us stayed up and talked and drank until around midnight.

Day four found us at Moody Gardens. FANTASTIC place for kids. They had an aquarium exhibit, a rain forest and a music exhibit. All very interactive with kids and not bad for old guys like me either. Next, back to the beach and the waves for Carson. Off to clean up and then to dinner at Fisherman's Wharf. It was a great view and great food. Better than Casey's. Next, kids in bed and us up drinking again.

The next morning we hit the road for home. Got here and found the deck to be about 95% complete. Only the piece of concrete, some touch-up staining and the toy box benches remaining. Then, off to the McKinney fireworks show. It was good and the kids had more fun in the bounce houses.

Today was just a lazy day. Didn't do anything. Started work email about 9pm and now thought I'd update the blog.

Well, that's it bloggers. The 30,000 foot overview of the vacation. See ya next entry...