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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Howdy bloggers.

I didn't get around to updating yesterday. Apologies to all. So, here I sit doing work here at home. I finished and thought I'd update the blog while I'm catching a movie on HBO High Def. Daredevil. Ok flick. I'm a Jennifer Garner fan so I guess I like it. Didn't really buy Ben "Aflack" as the hero though.

I ran across a pretty good website today. Actually I read about it in People magazine but thought I'd share anyway.

Leviraq Blog

The blog is from a guy in Iraq. He also has a brother who is a Marine in Iraq. He also has a blog but it is not as up to date. Very interesting reading and makes my blog seem so insignificant. I truly respect that guy for what he is doing and dealing with every day.

Well, no new news to report. Work and work. So, I'm off to watch the movie. Maybe play a few games online. Hit the sack.