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Monday, July 12, 2004

Howdy bloggers! Well, disaster has struck. I went to the lake yesterday and now I have the boat bug again. I so miss my old boat. I so want to buy a new one. Well, a used one actually. I have found several that we would like. Now, Kelly and I are discussing whether or not to do away with some of our "non-essentials" so we can get a new boat. Things like the lawn mowing service. And the every 3 weeks maid. All of that ads up and can come close to a boat payment. Of course, we'd finance it over 6-8 years like we did our old one but hey, what's a little debt when you are skiing! :-)

So, now I'm sitting here trying to talk myself out of it. I hope that I can resist the urge but it is certainly strong. Part of me really wishes I had never sold the old one. Even though we'd have barely gone to the lake until this year since the kids were so small. Oh well, live and learn.