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Monday, July 19, 2004

Here we are at another fine Monday morning... ugh...
So, we've found our way to another Monday morning.  I hate Monday's.  I hate everything about them.  I usually have piles of emails stacked up.  I have people that have been waiting all weekend to talk to me.  And, I can't help but wish I was still doing fun stuff from the weekend before.  So, in memory of the past weekend, here's what happened:
Left early on Friday (big shout out to Pat my mgr for letting me leave early) at about 3:30-4:00p.  We hit the road by 4:30p to go to my parents house.  Now, for those not familiar with that particular drive, let me describe it.  It starts out with a quick drive to Denton.  From there it gets really exciting as you get to Decatur and then the fun really starts as you cruise up 287 to Vernon.  Just when you think you can't take any more excitement, you turn on Hwy 70 to Plainview.  The amazing sites will simply overwhelm you.  ACK.
Nonetheless, once we got there we had a good time.  The kids, who did VERY well on the ride out, had a ton of fun playing with all the other kids at the reunion.  Its so funny to watch them play with older kids.  They want to be big so badly.  They try to do all the things the bigger kids do and it makes me just so proud to see them trying so hard. 
So, the trip out was fine, well, with the exception of eating at IHOP in Wichita Falls.  The food made Carson, me and Kelly have less than happy stomachs.  Strangely, Kaitlyn was fine although she ate the same stuff.  Anyway, I played golf Saturday morning with many of my family.  Had a good time and we were drinking beer by 9:30a!  By 2:00pm, I had to take a break from the beer as I was 3 sheets to the wind as they say.  Had a great supper catered by a local BBQ joint.  Next day, got up and did a lunch and then hit the road.  The trip was faster than I thought and the kids did great again.
Got home, picked up the dogs and got the kids in the bed.  Watched a movie called "We Were Soldiers" with Mel Gibson.  This is an older movie that I've seen before.  But, let me tell you, 5 stars.  It really makes you appreciate not only the soldiers in Vietnam but the ones in Iraq right now.  Go watch it if you haven't seen it.
That's it!  That's my whole recap.  Now, this week holds excitement that I'm sure just haven't presented themselves yet.  You'll just have to stay tuned to the blog to see what crazy things will happen.  I know you are on the edge of your seat.  My blog is just so exciting... ;-)