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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Hello bloggers!

So, its been a few days since my last update.  Where to begin? Well, on Friday, I played in my first Texas Hold'em tourney.  All of my buddies from work went and did a $25 buy-in.  We also had an option for a $25 rebuy which I think everyone did including myself.  Well, I'll save you the boring details (I think Kelly finds it boring anyway, so I assume everyone does) but I ended up winning the whole thing!  Like $300 bucks or something.  Very nice surprise.  Texas Hold'em is just so much fun.  I want to start doing it like every month or so.  Maybe not $25.  Maybe just $10 but something where people will actually try instead of just using play money.

On Saturday we just ran errands and stuff until Saturday night.  Maryanne was so kind and kept the kids for us Saturday night while Kelly and I headed out to the Studio Movie Grill to eat and see the new Spiderman 2 flick.  I really liked this movie.  I thought it was at least as good as the first.  I have to give "big ups" for Maryanne who had the idea to go to the Studio Grill.  Kinda neat to have drinks while you watch a movie.

Afterwards we went to the Londoner here in McKinney.  Nice joint.  Kind of a local tavern kind of place that I could really see hanging out if we were able to each weekend.  Dart boards and pool tables around.  We came home, talked with Maryanne for a while and then played a round of 'You Don't Know Jack'.  I use my laptop and hook it up to the big 57" screen.  Its a lot of fun.

Of course, things never go smooth for the babysitter.  Kaitlyn had some "accident" involving the bathroom.  I'll leave it at that.  But, Maryanne was a trooper and got it all squared away and didn't even call us.  Of course, I did get paged from work during the movie but I didn't need to respond until the movie was over. 

Let's see, what else?  Oh, I'm on the brink of hiring another 2 people at work.  Both seem to be well qualified.  That will round me out to 18 engineers.  I wonder if my boss thinks I should have another manager so we can have 9 and 9 instead of all 18 under one person.  That is a lot.  But, it looks good for me if I can manage it.

Today I want to just go and goof around.  I know Kelly wants me to finish staining the fence after weeks still going unfinished.  But, I really want to just goof.  I know, I know.  I should be motivated to do the stuff.  I just love having the weekends to have fun and spend with her and the kids.  5 hours of staining the fence isn't exactly my definition of a good time.  OH well.

Ok, I'm off to do something.  Stain the fence or have fun.  Read later in the week to see which. ;-)