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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Good morning bloggers!

Saturday morning is here and I'm looking forward to a day of just doing whatever we want. We are heading to the RoughRiders baseball game tonight but besides that we have no plans. I wish I could go see Spiderman 2 but I think the kids would be to young. Not sure, they have watched the first one on video. But in the theater they might not make it without getting bored.

Anyway, I was happy to hear Brian could shoot the second camera at today's wedding. That really saved me 'cause I had the tix to the baseball game. Plus, he can get some extra moola for it.

Tomorrow we may go to the lake with the fam. I wish I could buy another boat. I sure miss going whenever we feel like it. And, I know the kids like it. Plus, I like it and, let's face it, the wife in a swimsuit ain't bad either! :-)

So, off to do something. The kiddo is beggin' me to play baseball. But, it is already hot outside! Take care bloggers!