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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Good morning bloggers! Another fine Tuesday here. Watched "Butterfly Effect" last night. Excellent flick. Very thought provoking and I actually thought the acting was very good. I wasn't too sure about Ashton (is that right) in that movie as he normally plays a goofball. But he did very well in a serious role.

Friday I'll be heading off to see my folks with Kelly and kids. Family reunion time again and we make our bi-annual trip to see the family. I'll at least get to play golf on Saturday morning to break up the weekend. We'll be at or around my folks house the rest of the weekend. Kelly plans to get the kids pics made in Lubbock with all the Texas Tech stuff at Family Photo.

Still daydreaming about a boat. I think we'll seriously consider it in Sept when I get a bonus. We may put some money down on it and just bite the bullet. Once we get it we'll enjoy it and then likely never sell it. The only reason we sold the first one was because the kids were born and too small to go.

I haven't found any interesting sites in the last few days. I'll have to find some and post my links. Later bloggers!