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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Getting Hit By A Truck

Do you ever have those days that just seem to be just like getting hit by a truck? I mean, not that I know how that feels but it must feel just like the day I had yesterday. I had so much crap going on at work that I was feeling overwhelmed! Then, I rushed to pick up some pizza and get home so that I could meet some friends of ours here at the house. We didn't do much but eat and let the kids play. They took off about 9pm and we watched some TV and hit the hay.

Now, today I expected the deck guys to show this morning. So far, no show. Again. I spoke to the deck guy and he swears he is not trying to piss me off. I told him my patience is wearing very thin. So, now I have to be pissed off at the deck guy and I have to go to do another wedding tonight. Oh joy.

This is really a negative post huh? Well, some days you just feel pissed. Even the wife and I have been at each other last night. Just so far a really good weekend (he says sarcastically).