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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Do You Ever Have One Of Those Days?

For some reason I just seem to be having one of those days that I just say, "Am I really doing anything here?"  I know, I know, we all go through it.  It just feels so odd to think maybe your boss could step in, pack your stuff and throw you out and roughly 3/4 of the office wouldn't notice until the next time they needed you to chip in on the next office gift.  That's my mood today.  Perhaps its because I have delegated so well that things run smooth without me!  Yeah, that's what I'll keep thinking.

So, with all this smooth running time, I have some time to become an engaged American.  I'm trying to remain objective about the upcoming political battle between Kerry and Bush.  Now, I'll freely admit that I tend to lean to the right.  But, I'm doing my best to see both sides of the argument.  I'm going out to places like http://www.vote-smart.org and attempting to become informed on all the issues.

What I seem to find is that no one fits me well!!!  They all seem to be idiots and I think they should just close down the Whitehouse for 4 years and see what happens.  Perhaps we'll find that the President, like me, could be absent and 3/4 of the US wouldn't notice until it was time for the next election! 

Both idiots.  I mean, let's look at 2 issues that seem to stick out to me.  First, I'll attack my own by talking about Bush's service records.  Why are there no records?  The military is like anal about records.  They fill out paperwork to order paperwork.  I mean its crazy to think this guy is just without any paperwork for like a year in the military.  Ok, so, maybe it was lost? 

As you think, "Yeah, Bush is a liar so I'm voting for Kerry", what about his purple heart fiasco?  He claims he simply threw the ribbons and not the medals.  WHAT???  Now you are trying to say ribbons and medals are different?  I mean, are we really that stupid to believe that crap?

So, I'm here, feeling like I should be doing something productive but instead wasting time posting to my blog.  America truly is great.  I can do this, while debating politics all the while I'm suppose to be working.  God Bless America. :-)