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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Bloggers!  Well, another day has arrived.  Let's see what to discuss.  Oh yes, last night we went to the Collin County Texas Tech Alumni Reception.  We decided to go because we heard that the Chancellor would be speaking.  Of course, later we found out he is one of four finalist for some job at the University of Wisconsin so who knows how much he is concentrating  on Tech issues right now.  Either way, we went to check it out.  Now, the concept sounded really good.  Go, have some snacks, hear the Chancellor speak about the direction Tech is going in the coming years.  But, it turns out to be mostly just a small rally and some moments encouraging us to give money.  I've been to worse but it certainly didn't contain as much detail about the how's, when's and what's for the strategy that I expected.

Afterwards, we headed over to On The Border for a quick drink and some dinner.  Didn't do much but yap and then head home.  Got home, still no deck guys.  Called this morning to see when they were going to finish the work I wanted and had to leave another damn message.

Watched "The Grid" on TBS last night.  Seems like it has some real potential.  But, it is very direct about terrorism and such so if you don't like that you should probably pass on watching.  I hope tonight to either watch Spiderman 1 on DVD so we can go see Spiderman 2 this weekend or go to I, Robot at the McKinney theater after the wife hits the sack.  We'll see.  I'll probably end up doing neither.

Found an interesting site with some great clips.  Funny stuff, drama, hi-def, everything.  Check it out:

Atom Films