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Monday, July 26, 2004

Another Fine Monday

So starts another week.  Yesterday was just amazing!  High 70's/low 80's with clouds.  It was like fall in July.  The deck is going to be great when the cooler weather gets here.  Its nice now but will be fantastic when fall comes.  Speaking of the deck, I just got off the phone with the deck guy.  I told him he had to come this week, to call me when he was coming and that I was going to meet them there.  He said it will likely be Thursday but will certainly be this week.  I've heard that song and dance before.  If he's not there this week, I'm considering calling the credit card company and having the last payment reversed.

Yesterday was fairly relaxing.  I didn't end up doing the fence.  Instead, we went to lunch, I watch a movie (the review in a second) and then we rode our bikes around the school down the street.  The kiddos are SO funny on their bikes.  You can tell that they just feel so big.  What's even funnier is that Carson is such the guy and Kaitlyn so girly.  He falls over and say, "I'm ok.  Let's keep riding."  Kaitlyn can't even ride hers if it is in the least bit difficult.  She'll get off and push it.  Too funny.

This week will be mostly about hiring new people and writing reviews for existing employees.  I have to get the last 2 done this week.  The deadline is the 30th so I've procrastinated as long as I can.  Oh, the movie review.

I watched Welcome To Mooseport with Ray Romano and Gene Hackman.  Another good flick.  I found it very predictable but still highly entertaining.  Perhaps it was because I was having such a good weekend but I really liked it.  Plus, the female lead (I forget her name but she plays Abby the nurse on ER) was very good.  I was happy to see her do something besides ER and do well at it. 

Later bloggers...