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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Wow, I actually am making a second post. I'm hoping to have more time for just leisure activities very soon. I'm one week from finishing another class and then I am not taking another until Jan. I will be 3 classes away from my MBA.

I plan to revive my website at miresfamily.com. I might pursue another domain name but I'll use that to start. I have so many pictures of the kids that I plan to put it on my own machine. No hosting services gives me enough room for a low enough cost. I have about 1.2GB of photos that I'd like to put out so it would cost me a pretty penny to do that. I'll just host it on my own box via DSL. Its low traffic so who cares.

This week I have to work on getting a damn repairman out for the fridge. It started leaking water. I also plan to finish my last assignments for this class today and tomorrow and then coast the final week.

More later... maybe...