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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I'll post early today just because I have a free moment. Today is the day I meet 'the husband'. I'm interested to see how he acts. I plan to not take much crap from him since I don't really need any further business. But, I'll be nice to start with.

No meetings at work scheduled today. It should be a fairly quiet day I hope. I need to get moving on some projects but other than that I'll just coast. I do have to call our deck guy. I like his price and he seems nice enough but he hasn't been very responsive so far. He had better show up next week for sure or I'm calling Mastercard to have the payment cancelled.

Two pieces of good news today. One, a house committee voted to turn away the FASB stock option ruling. But, it still has to go to the full house and, if it passes, to the full senate. I hope they don't stop stock options. How stupid can politicians be. Second piece of good news is that some survey says companies plan to hire a lot in the next few months fueling the recovery of the economy. WOOHOO! All I can say is that its about damn time.