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Monday, June 28, 2004

Here we are bloggers. We've arrived at another fine Monday! I hope all had a great weekend. Ok, I lied. I don't hope EVERYONE had a great weekend. There are a few that I hope had crappy weekends... ;-)

So, another riveting edition of what happened to me. Let's see where to begin. Friday, didn't do anything but rent movies. I couldn't find anything particularly interesting. Got Secret Window with Johnny Depp. I give it 2.5 of 5 stars. But, I'm not a huge Stephen King fan either. Also watched Shade with Sylvester Stallone. I'll give that a 3 of 5. Kelly got 2 chick flicks that I didn't watch. Calendar Girls and Mona Lisa Smile. I had about as much interest in those as I do getting a root canal.

Saturday we just ran errands, ate lunch and then I went to work shooting another wedding. This was bridezilla's wedding. I found it amusing that the groom didn't show up until like 45 minutes before the wedding was to begin. To some, that may not seem like a big deal. To us, we realize that is cutting it close. Anyway, the wedding came and went without any big surprises.

Sunday, again just ran errands, ate and hung out. Kelly's folks came over and ate dinner and looked at our new deck which is still in progress. Something that should have been 2 maybe three days has dragged on due to rain. I hope they finish today but if they try to stain it and it is raining it might not turn out so well. So I hope they opt to finish the build but then stain it after the rain.

This week will see me starting on my CCNA studies and catching up on all the movies I wanted to see in the past 6 months. Oh, just remembered, I got a very good compliment from my boss today. He said my former boss talked to him last week and commented on how good of a manager I was. I'm glad to hear that and its always good to get feedback. Now, come on bonus time so I can see the fruits of my labor! :-) Ciao bloggers!