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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Hello bloggers! Another fine morning here a work. Today marked the start of the ISO audit. I love ISO (he says sarcastically). The documentation. The questions. The need to show we actually work since we obviously don't if we can't document it. Ah, the thrill of ISO.

Enough work talk. I'm about 2 hours away from being on vacation. I'll be drinking beer and not thinking about work for 6 whole days. I plan to tickle the kids every 20 minutes, hopefully see the wife in a bathing suit all tan and hot, and drink enough beer to forget all of it. ;-)

They are STILL working on the damn deck. This rain is killing me. It was to be done on Saturday but the rain won't go away. Hopefully they finished today but we'll see when I get home. Oh, in case anyone is interested, here's some more movie reviews:

Gods & Generals - Ok flick. I give it 3 of 5. It is the prequel to Gettysburg which I have not seen yet. I thought it would have a lot better battle scenes but the ones it had I though were somewhat lame. And, I was growing tired of the developing plot line for Stonewall Jackson. Maybe it was just the topic that didn't interest me.

True Lies - Watched this one again on HBO High-def. Sure its old but I'll still review it just for kicks. Good no brain movie. 3.5 of 5. Well, maybe a 4 just for the sexy Jamie Lee Curtis panty dance. ;-) The part with the Harrier jet was just way too corny though.

Well bloggers, I'm off to one last ISO meeting then beer. No updates until July 6th unless I feel the need on July 5th. Take care!