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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Good morning all. Saturday morning and I didn't get to post yesterday. I met with a bride that Karen needed me to see about her photo montage. I just keep saying we have 5 more weddings and then we are done. I don't like meeting anyone or doing any stuff for the video business while I'm at my regular job.

Today not much is happening. Haircut. Help clean the house for tomorrow's party. Goof around. Just like I like Saturday. Tomorrow is just goofin around. Kelly kept asking me what I wanted for father's day. I don't really have anything I want. So, I told her that the deck can be my father's day gift. They will be installing it next week.

Ron just called. We'll be playing golf tomorrow. After that, its anyone's guess. Well, off to get dressed and start doing something... anything...