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Friday, June 25, 2004

Another fine blogger Friday! Woohoo! I'm ready for the weekend to start and do some serious goofin' around. Although, I do have a wedding to shoot on Saturday from 4pm-11pm. That kinda ruins the weekend. But, as always, I'm looking for the silver lining. This is the last wedding I shoot until the end of July. Then one in Sept and then I'm done!

Went home last night and found that they had started the deck. It is going to be very nice. I like the shape. I wish it was even larger but that would just have cost me more money. They should be almost finished today and then finish up on Saturday morning. Maybe I'll have some folks over on Sunday for a cookout and break in the new deck.

Nothing too exciting in the last two days. Had a few words with another manager at my day job but nothing too heated. We just seem to be a little irritated with each other. My friend Jami sent a very kind letter to my manager and her manager saying how much my team has helped her team in the past few days. That makes me feel good and I hope the team had the same feeling.

I've been trying to build relationships with the folks in the Business Unit (BU) who's products we support. I'd love to make the jump from TAC to the BU but I'm not sure how or when I'd be able to do that. But, I realize in most companies (especially big ones like Cisco), its about 20% of what you know and about 80% of who you know. So, I'm constantly trying to make myself available and around for those folks. I just wish we were in the same building. Oh well.

Kelly, the kids and I went to Sicily's last night. Great place 'cause you can bring your own wine. $20 for all four plus the cost of the wine and the food is great. Oh well, more boring stuff in the blog. My apologies but I just write what I'm thinking.

I'm now off to see if I can procrastinate any more on doing performance reviews. I hate doing them and I've successfully avoided doing 8 of the 11 I have to do. I guess I'll try to get them done Mon-Tue of next week. Maybe 2 or so today, who knows. Suddenly, I feel like a foosball game! Have a great weekend fellow bloggers!