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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

2 Days Until Turkey Day

We are only 2 days away from Turkey day! The day you can stuff
yourself, fall asleep on the couch while watching football and
generally look like a dork and no one cares! I love it.

Let's see, what new developments to write about today. Well, I bought
Half-Life 2 for the PC and I have been attempting to play it. Only
catch is, if I play it too long I start to get motion sickness. I'm
not sure if the frame rate is really low or what but I certainly feel
sick after playing for about 45-60 minutes. It is worse if I'm in the
part of the game where I'm in narrow coridors. So, I may have to go
out and buy some drammamine just to play the game!

I watch a movie called High Fidelity last
night. Good flick. Not really a chick flick although it was about a
love lost and regained. Kind of an art house kind of flick. Older so
many of you (my 2 readers) may have seen it.

As for the remainder of the week, I'll be doing absolutely nothing. I
feel a bit weird because I have no school, no Infinity, nothing to do
at night. Just goof around mostly. I need to start my projects I
listed earlier in the blog but just haven't yet. Probably after the
Thanksgiving holiday.

Today and tomorrow I'm sure I'll do basically nothing at work. A lot
of people are out, I'm totaly not motivated and others don't feel like
doing much either.

So, off to surf on random sites. Oh, one of my new favorite sites?
Big-Boys.com. Lots of clips of
random crap. Some of it sexual in nature so be cautious for all your
underage readers. :-)